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It’s time to protect your family

You’ve been thinking about this for a long time. You always found an excuse to put it off. Life is busy. There was always something more important to do: work, pick-ups and drop-offs, the grocery store . . . and the list goes on and on. 

If you’re being honest, though, it didn’t take much to distract you. You’d almost rather do anything than think about writing your will or drafting your estate plan. 

But that’s in the past. You’re here now. 

You’ve taken the first step. That’s more than most people can say. 

Keep the momentum going

Every day people pass away without a plan in place. And they leave a mess behind for their loved ones to clean up.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories: siblings fighting over their parents’ money; years spent in conflict and in court; families torn apart. 

That’s not going to be you. You’re going to protect your family. You’re going to make sure your kids are provided for. 

So fight the urge to look away. Don’t let yourself get distracted or keep procrastinating. It’s time to get organized. 

When your plan is in place

When your plan is in place, you’ll rest easy at night knowing that you’ve protected your family. If something happens to you: 

  • Your children will be raised by the guardian(s) you choose, not by whomever a judge decides is best
  • Your affairs will be settled on private, not in a public court proceeding
  • Your assets will be distributed in the manner you choose, not according to California’s default rules
  • Your estate will save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary probate expenses

Hi, I’m Robert

I help my clients protect their families and get their affairs in order.

What my clients say

Below are some unedited reviews that my clients have left for me.

My wife and I did our estate planning with Robert and he was excellent. Personable, explained the ins and outs, responsive, detailed. We look forward to calling him again for any of our family’s needs going forward.

Pier C.

We loved working with Robert. I was so lost going into the process of estate planning. He walked us through everything and explained everything is terms that we understood. He is very good at breaking things down, which I really appreciate. He was patient when we had questions. I mostly appreciate that he was extremely responsive and would send us reminders (when we were not so responsible due to our busy lives). I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

Desiree J.

When you’re young (well relatively young), estate planning doesn’t cross your mind too often. You think it’s something you do at the twilight of your life. You always think, “there’s time.” But, as we all know (especially this last year) life is short, unpredictable. You want to protect your assets and ensure your family is taken care of. You want to have a plan. So, it’s been on my mind for some time. But where do you start? Who and how do you choose? Found Robert and liked his bio and reviews. Researched a few actually and reached out to all of them. From the onset, he was very professional and personable. It’s why we chose him. I am an educated individual, but law is not my strong suite. Robert was good at breaking things down to point where we were able to understand everything, clearly. Robert from the beginning was proactive in getting everything prepared and following up with us. If you are not task orientated, he’s great with reminders and follow up. He has a great “bed-side” manor, if you will. Great to have someone who genuinely cares about his clients. He is very personable and took an interest in getting to know my wife. Feel like we could be friends. A rare trait these days. Also, a very important one. You’re trusting someone with a plan to provide for your family and your final arrangements after you’re gone. I am thankful for Robert’s service in assisting us with our estate planning. He had our complete confidence and trust. Pun intended.

Gil D.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for over 20 years, so I’ve known and worked with quite a few estate planning attorneys. Between those in my network and others through my clients, I had quite a few to choose from. Choosing Robert was a no brainer. He’s responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough – precisely what one needs when navigating the complexities of estate law. My mind’s at ease now that I’ve created my estate, and I’m very happy I chose Robert.

Boris C.

I contacted Robert Theofanis regarding a will and living trust. Neither my wife nor I had any idea of what we were asking for, but it didn’t matter. Robert took the time to explain everything to us, answer all questions, was kind and compassionate in his handling of such a delicate matter, and he laid out the entire process, including timelines. He kept his word and met every timeline, was responsive to questions, and the entire process only took a couple weeks! I’m already recommending using Robert to my friends, and now to you, too!

David M.


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