It's time to protect your family

You've been thinking about this for a long time. You always found an excuse to put it off. Life was busy. There was always something more important to do: work, daycare pick-ups and drop-offs, the grocery store, and list goes on. 

Frankly, though, it didn't take much to distract you. You'd almost rather do anything than think about writing your will or drafting your estate plan. 

But that's in the past. You're here now. 

You've taken the first step. That's more than most people can say. 

Keep the momentum going.

Every day people pass away without a plan in place. And they leave a mess for their loved ones to clean up. I'm sure you heard stories: siblings fighting over their parents' money, years spent in conflict and in court, families torn apart. 

That's not going to be you. You're going to protect your family. You're going to make sure your kids are provided for. 

So keep fighting the discomfort and push through. Don't let yourself get distracted or keep procrastinating. The time is now. 

When you get to the other side, you'll rest easy at night knowing that you've protected your family. With your plan in place, if something were to happen to you: 

  • Your children will be raised by the guardian(s) you choose, not by whomever a judge decides is best
  • Your affairs will be settled in private, not in a public court proceeding
  • Your assets will be distributed in the manner you choose, not by California's default rules
  • Your estate will save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary probate expenses (and possibly much more)

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this is a client review of estate planning attorney Robert Theofanis
This is a review of estate planning lawyer Robert Theofanis


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