About Theo Estate Planning

Theo Estate Planning is a California estate-planning law practice run by Robert Theofanis. 

Hi, I'm Robert

I’m a husband, father, and lawyer.

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I help parents rest easy at night knowing that their children are protected and that their affairs are in order.

If something were to happen to you:

  • Would you prefer that your children be raised by someone who you trust to provide a loving home and who shares your values, rather than by whomever a judge decides looks best on paper?
  • Would you prefer that to choose how your property is distributed, rather than relying on California's default rules?
  • Would you prefer to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict?
  • Would you prefer that your loved one receive your hard-earned money, rather than it being wasted on court costs, attorney fees, and other avoidable expenses?
  • Would you prefer that your affairs are settled privately, as opposed to publicly?

You can have all of this, and more!

If you plan with Robert:

  • Your children will be raised by the person, or couple, that is best suited to ensure that your values are passed on.
  • You will choose exactly how, and under what conditions, your property is distributed to your loved ones.
  • Your hard-earned money will pass to whom you choose; it won't be wasted on unnecessary attorney fees and other court costs. 
  • Your family will stay out of court, which means that your affairs won’t be settled in public. That means your most intimate information will stay private.
  • And your loved ones won’t have to wait for a lengthy court process to receive their inheritance.

Robert's Journey

My first job as an attorney was with my father’s firm. We defended large companies in workers’ compensation cases. My dad was the best boss I could have asked for. He threw me right in the deep end, but was also there to provide his wisdom and expertise whenever I needed it.

After a while, though, I realized that my plan to take over his practice wasn’t for me. Insurance-defense lawyers bill in six-minute increments, which is one-tenth of an hour or 0.1. Every day I needed to fill up my billing sheet. It became a rat race. I also didn’t like dealing with all of the red tape and bureaucracy embedded in the system.

I needed to find a different path. Before leaving, I reflected on what kind of lawyer I wanted to be and what that would mean for my career moving forward.

Looking back on my life, I realized that I was happiest when I was helping others.

After college, I spent two years teaching high-school math. My fondest memory is from study hall. I was working with a student, I’ll call him Jay. Jay was a great kid—a total sweetheart and a hard worker with a great attitude. I coached him in football too. But he wasn’t a great student. Math was hard for him. That afternoon we were working on something, maybe quadratic functions. We kept going through the steps, over and over and over. It just wasn’t clicking . . . .

. . . until it did. And, when it clicked, it was incredible.

I’ll never forget the smile on Jay’s face when he looked up. He was so proud. And I was so proud of him. 

I use this memory as an example of the impact I want to have on my clients' lives—my north star. I've dedicated my practice to truly serving my clients. My goal is to be their trusted adviser and valued counselor through life's most difficult times. 

Fast Facts About Robert

First Job:

high-school math teacher/football coach


Two white ragdoll cats, Percy and Penelope

Movie that never gets old:

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

High school:

Chaminade College Preparatory


Occidental College - Physics major; defensive end on football team

Law School:

University of Notre Dame Law School - Journal of Legislation, Symposium Editor

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