Attention: Estate-Planning Procrastinators!

It’s time to get estate planning off your to-do list!

At THEO ESTATE PLANNING & PROBATE, we believe in upfront and transparent flat-fee pricing for estate planning work. We want our clients to know exactly what they’re going to pay—and exactly what they’re going to get—before we start working together.

That means:

  • We don’t bill by the hour for basic estate planning;
  • We don’t hem and haw when you ask about pricing;
  • We don’t make you come into the office to receive a price quote; and
  • We’ll never send you a “surprise” bill once your matter is finished.

New-Client Pricing

This section covers pricing for new clients (i.e., clients without any estate planning documents or with documents that were prepared by another attorney and need review/updates.

Comprehensive Living Trust Package

  • Single client: $2,000
  • Couple: $2,750
  • 1 revocable living trust
  • Each client also receives a (1) pour-over will, (2) durable power-of-attorney, (3) advance healthcare directive, and (4) guardian nomination (if client has minor children).

Trust-Funding Documents Included

  • Deed Preparation. This package also includes deed preparation and recording (including recording fee) for your principal residence.
  • More CA Properties? Additional transfer deeds for CA properties are $350 to prepare and record. You will be responsible for the deed-recording fees (usually about $100).
  • Out-of-state properties. We use a third-party vendor to prepare and record out-of-state deeds. Our fee to manage this process is $350 per deed. So, depending on the state, the total cost, including recording fees, for an out of state deed is usually $750 to $1,000.
  • Small Business, LLC, S-Corp, Etc. The transfer-document preparation fee for business and investment entities is $350 per document. This price applies to entities that are 100% owned by the client.

Additional Drafting Rounds

As detailed below, this packages includes an initial Planning Consultation of up to 90 minutes and a 45-minute Review Consultation. In our experience, most clients are able to complete the process in this time.

But clients with complex family or property issues do sometime require one or more additional drafting rounds. Each round includes a 60-minute consultation and a 30-minute review consultation, as well as the additional drafting. The cost for each drafting round is $1,200.

Examples of issues that necessitate additional drafting rounds:

  • Division of trust into two or more parts following death of first spouse
  • Irrevocable gifting prior to death of second spouse
  • Complex provisions relating to a distribution of property to a particular beneficiary

How it works

Step 1 – Planning Consultation

At our first meeting, we’ll design your estate plan. We can meet at our office in Manhattan Beach or by Zoom videoconference. At the end of the meeting, you’ll sign the client agreement and a short-form declaration of trust. This document will provide you and your family with immediate protection from probate and conservatorship. Usually, this meeting takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Step 2 – Review Consultation.

Within 3 business days of your Planning Consultation, you’ll receive your draft documents and a link to schedule a review consultation. At that consultation, we’ll review your documents to ensure that you fully understand your estate plan.

STEP 3 – Signing

After the Review Consultation, we’ll make any changes necessary and then you’ll have a signing appointment at our office or your home. Once your documents are signed, you and your family will be fully protected. The entire process typically takes 4 weeks, depending mostly on your availability.

Our Guarantees

Same-Day Probate Protection

You’ll receive same-day protection from probate and conservatorship before the end of your first appointment. This means your family and your property won’t be at risk while we’re working on finalizing your documents. 

3-Day Draft Document Guarantee

Our mission is to help you get your estate planning done. So, we’re built for speed. We promise that we’ll deliver your draft documents to you within 3 business days of your Planning Consultation. Otherwise, you’ll receive a full refund, and we’ll continue working for free.

90-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with the documents you sign, we’ll update them for free within 90 days of the signing.

Trust Amendments for New Clients

If you already have an estate plan or a living trust, you have two options:

First, you can start the process with the Planning Consultation. During that appoint, we’ll discuss your existing documents at a high level and you’ll decide whether to amendment them or to start fresh with a brand-new set of documents (this is called a complete restatement of the trust). The cost of the amendment starts at the price of an Additional Drafting Round ($1,200) and you’ll receive credit for the deposit you paid to book the Planning Consultation. If a complete restatement is necessary, you’ll be charged the price of the Comprehensive Package

Second, if you prefer a more comprehensive review of your existing documents, you can choose to purchase a stand-alone Trust Review package. This packages includes a review of your current estate planning documents, a video recorded summary of the most important provision, and a 30-min phone consultation. The cost of this package is $1,500. Please note that this package is not a line-by-line review of your documents; rather, it’s intended to give you a documented summary of the most important provisions.

Get started today! Schedule your planning consultation

You’ve wanted to get organized for a long time, but you haven’t.

It’s time to decide:

Are you doing to keep procrastinating and leave a mess for your loved ones to clean up?

Or are you going to get your affairs in order, keep your loved ones out of court, and protect your legacy?

Put your mind at ease by setting up a comprehensive estate plan.

The first step is to schedule your planning consultation.

I require a $300 deposit to schedule your consultation, which is applied to the price of your package.

Click the button below to get started. You’ll be taking to a booking page where you can book directly into my calendar. Just pick the date and time that works best for you (and your significant other), and follow the prompts.

Need some more convincing?

Here are some details from a real-life conservatorship case. This person did not have a comprehensive estate plan.

After many years of living alone, he developed severe dementia and required a court-appointed conservator to manage his finances, his living situation, and his healthcare.

The costs outlined below are just the first two years of conservatorship!

  • $20,000 for petitioner’s attorney fees
  • $12,000 (and counting) for court-appointed counsel’s fees
  • $20,000+ for conservator’s attorney fees
  • $175/hr in conservator’s fees for the rest of the his life
  • $60,000+ estimated probate fees and costs upon this person’s death

That’s well over $100,000 in fees and costs that could have been avoided with a comprehensive estate plan.

Click this link to schedule your planning consultation.

Still not ready?

I understand that choosing an attorney for your estate plan is a big decision.

Maybe you want to sleep on it, or maybe you need to discuss it with your significant other.

Or maybe you’ve just got a few more questions.

No problem. But don’t lose your momentum. Keep moving forward.

Let’s chat: schedule a 15-min Meet & Greet call

I’d love the opportunity to chat with about your planning goals and how I can help you achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Final Thoughts

You’re standing at the crossroads.

To the left is the same road you’ve been traveling.

To the right is the road that fewer people choose.

Choosing the right road makes all the difference for you–and for your loved ones.

I’m hoping that you’ll choose the right road.